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New Patients - What to Expect

  • As a new patient at Stateline Family Chiropractic, you will be asked to fill out an online intake form prior to your first appointment.

  • When you arrive, you will be brought back to Dr. Katie’s treatment room. There will be a thorough sit-down consultation where she will review your medical history along with what brought you into the office.

  • At this point she will address any concerns you may have about your condition or the care you’ll receive. Please ask questions at any point of your appointment! Dr. Katie is happy to answer them or find answers for you!

  • The best way to get a good result from your care is to be an active participant and feel comfortable, it’s definitely a partnership.

  • A comprehensive chiropractic exam will be performed.

    • If Dr. Katie feels imaging is necessary you may be referred out to a secondary imaging center before any treatment is performed. That is something she will discuss with you at your appointment. Dr. Katie will go over her exam findings and her expectation of your progress along with what treatment plan she recommends.

    • Your individualized treatment will be performed and you’ll be on your way!

    • Initial appointments take about 30-40 minutes but it depends on how complicated your case is and if imaging is necessary. 

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